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Christian Lennartsson

What to consider during a long-term system shutdown

Apr 1, 2020 11:12:53 AM / by Christian Lennartsson

If your system is likely to be unused for an extended period of time we recommend to follow some guidelines in order to ensure the system is in a healthy condition and reduce the risk of a downtime at next startup.

In general, make sure that the system is flushed from sample residues and that any tubes and capillaries are flushed and emptied to avoid organic growth. Make sure the solvent reservoirs and waste containers are empty. We have compiled a more detailed checklist to follow that is instrument specific. See the list of instruments below. If you can't find your instrument on the list please do not hesitate to contact Biotage® 1-Point Support™ to get the information directly from our specialist team.

Biotage® Selekt
Isolera™ Systems
Biotage® Extrahera™
Biotage® Initiator+
Biotage® V-10 Touch
TurboVap® Evaporators
Biotage® Initiator+ Alstra™
Biotage® Horizon 5000 and 3100
SPE-DEX® Systems


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